His experience in competitions

The participation of Ernesto Chuliá in competitions is very intense in the last decade of the twentieth century. 


He won "Ciudad de Manresa" (Barcelona, 1990 y 1996), "Conocurs de Jeneusse Trompetiste" en Albert Ville (Francia, 1991), "Concours Europeen Luneville" (Francia, 1992), "Royaunes de la musique" (RTF France, 1993); the best student scholarship granted by Anthony Plog in the Course of Montserrat (Valencia, 1994), and the best student scholarship granted by Guy Touvron in the course of Navajas (Castellón)  in the same year; and the International Trumpet Competition in Benidorm (Alicante, 1998). 


He was also a semifinalist in the contests of: Guetbwiler (Alsace French), Geneva (Switzerland) and Paris (France).


As part of the brass quintet  Iberbrass, he won the competitions: "Paper Music" of Terrassa (Catalonia,1999), Internationale Blechblasë Tager in Moers (Germany, 1999) and International Competition "Guadamora" Pozoblanco (Córdoba, 2000).