His first steps

He was born in Catarroja (Valencia) within a musical family. His father is the composer Salvador Chuliá. When he was five, he started  learning  the theoretichal basis  of music. Years later he improved this musical discipline in the Conservatory of Music of Valencia, with teachers like Salvador Bravo, Juan Pons, Eduardo Lopez Chavarri,  Rafael Talens and Alejandro Maicas, winning the extraordinary prize in Music Theory and Trumpet.   


He began studying trumpet with Eduardo Tarin, a professor of trumpet at the Musical Society "La Artesana" in his hometown, and continued with Vicente Lopez (pupil of the famous trumpeter Maurice André in Paris in  1970-75), who teaches him the French Trumpet School.

In 1995, Ernesto finished the superior studies of the trumpet in the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. Then, he began to trip to France to work with Guy Touvron, Thierry Caens, Maurice Benterfa, Bernard Soustrot, Pierre Dutot, Eric Aubier ... culminating in a series of meetings, in Paris, in Presles en Brie, and in San Juan de Luz with the famous Maurice André who has written about him: "Ernesto is a true artist who perfectly masters the art of trumpet playing. I met him at the Albert Competition, where I was amazed with his interpretation of Legende, by Georges Enesco. "


Chamber music experience
With the brass quintet Iberbrass, he offered more than fifty concerts in Spain for spreading the original brass music to the spanish public. It can be highlight the concerts held in cities like Mallorca, Madrid, Albacete, Valencia, Barcelona, Menorca, Valladolid, León, Alicante, Castellón, Vigo, Córdoba, Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria…He has also been part of other brass groups: "Mediterranean Quintet",        Ensemble of Trumpets  "Maurice Andre", Octet Trumpets "Gran Canaria" and  "Metales Catedralicios de Valencia".


Orchestral experience

He has collaborated with orchestras like those of  "Castilla y Leon", "Gran Canarias" and "Sinfónica de Madrid", "Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra", "Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid", Modus Novus, Orquesta de Valencia ....


The teaching labour


He has taught trumpet's courses in Madrid, Tenerife, Vigo, Alicante, Badajoz, Valencia ... and, since 1996 to 2011, serves as Professor at the Municipal School of Music "Dionisio Aguado" in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. 


He is the author of a method for trumpet's groups (ed. Piles), which contains arrangements for trumpet's groups and collective class exercises. Also is the author of a small Vademecum for trumpet, inspired by the experiences for more than fifteen years with students Fuenlabrada.


 TV Recordings  


He has collaborated in two divulgative shows for spanish television TVE, in order to promote the art of playing trumpet.

One of them, the "Pizicatto Club" (2010) show, used the group "Fuenlabrada's Trumpets" to introduce the trumpet to children; in the second one,  "Oficios para la Cultura" (2011), with his pupil Mario Martos and the famous Maurice André. explains the trumpeter profession,      


Since 1996 to 2014 he is flugelhorn soloist in the Symphonic Band of Madrid CityDirector Cultural Association "Fuenlabrada's trumpets" of Madrid and Professor of trumpet at the Conservatory of Music "José Iturbi" in Valencia.


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